Why do I need God?

Everyone would agree that God would be a great asset to any team. With all of His resources and power, He could take any business, career, or household to the top. But that is the problem. Often we see God as an asset. We fail to recognize our need for Him. God told us in His word that hidden in us all is a tendency to act in ways contrary to His commands. No person has lived a life that completely lives up to God’s standards ( Rom. 3:23 ).


God has made us eternal creatures. There is more to us than just our bodies. There is part of us that will exist forever. We will either live forever with God in heaven or apart from Him in hell. It is easy to assume that bad people will go to hell and that good people will go to heaven. But the Bible teaches us that there is nothing good enough anybody can do to be worthy of heaven ( Rom. 3:27 ). God only accepts those who put their faith and trust into what Jesus did when he died for all ( Rom. 3:25 ). We need God to take care of our eternity.

The Now

Because we were created for relationship with God, He doesn’t just desire to take care of our after life, but He has plans to bring fulfillment to our life now. Jesus said, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.” ( John 10:10 ). Inside all of us there is something missing in our hearts that longs to be filled. Many times we attempt to fill that empty spot with relationships or possessions, but it can only be filled by our heavenly Father. Without God, we are empty and incomplete. Because God is just and perfect, He must punish people for all the wrong they have done, but because He is loving and compassionate, He has offered a solution. God offers forgiveness to those who admit their guilt and accept Christ’s sacrifice. We all need forgiveness. Only God through Jesus can give us the forgiveness we need. When we put our trust in Jesus, we enter into a relationship with God that brings complete joy even in the worst of times ( Rom. 5:11 ).

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