The Next Step

Walk with God

Your decision to accept Jesus is the most important decision you will ever make in your life! Not only have you placed your present life and eternity in His hands, but you have also accepted adoption into God’s family. You are now a joint heir with Christ and all that our Heavenly Father has is yours (Rom.8:17). We want to encourage you with a few things.


In Jesus’ final remarks to His disciples, He commanded them to baptize people in the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. It is a priority to Christ; therefore it is a priority to believers. Baptism is publicly professing your faith. When a person is submerged under the water, it represents the old person they were before accepting Jesus into their life, symbolically being buried. When they are brought back up, it represents the new person that Christ has created. You will be contacted shortly to discuss your decision to accept Jesus into your life. Any Questions you may have about being Baptized can be dealt with at that time.

The Bible

The Bible is an important part of our spiritual growth and understanding. You need to find a translation that is easy to understand and begin to look through the New Testament. The books of Luke and Acts are great places to start.


Prayer is simply talking to God. The Bible says that Jesus would often leave the company of His friends to with the Father (Luke 5:16). Jesus said that we as Christians should find a place by our selves, and just be with God. Prayer is the vehicle that takes us into the presence of God and is an important vehicle for building the character of Christ in our lives.

Good Company

“Bad company corrupts good character.” (1Cor.15:33) Who we spend time with greatly affects our attitudes and actions. That is why it is important that we form strong relationships with other Christian followers. Connecting with other believers is a vital to our growth. It allows us to help bear each other’s burdens and hardships. (Gal 6:2), and also gives us accountability in our walk with God. God created us with a need for Him and a need for each other. (Gen. 2:18)

Bring the Message

Jesus’ last command should be our first priority. He told His disciples to take the message of hope and salvation to the world. (Matt. 28:19). The reason we have experienced the hope of salvation is because someone told us about it. It’s now our purpose and calling to share the good news about God with the lost and hurting, that peace and meaning with God is attainable.

Soon you will be contacted about your decision to accept Christ. Any questions you may have about getting the right spiritual tools to continue learning more about your new faith can be addressed at that time.

Welcome to God’s Family and congratulations on your new found faith in Jesus! God has some great things in store for your life! (Cor. 5:17) Please let us know how we may help you grow deeper in you faith.